Meet Robinsons Cannabis

LOCATED IN KENTVILLE NOVA SCOTIA, Robinsons Cannabis was founded by Andrew Robinson in 2014. With over 25 years dedicated to perfecting world-class cultivation methods, Robinsons is quickly becoming an industry leader recognized for its passion, vision and uncompromising standards of quality.

In conversation with Andrew Robinson

Q:What is the vision driving your work?

A: I’ve always tried to grow the best cannabis I can — and now, through Robinsons Cannabis, I’m able to share my life’s work with as many people as possible. As cannabis moves more and more into the mainstream, we’re able to further hone our skills with the right people and right technologies, building on my past 25 years of experience. We’re able to improve upon not only our processes, but our plants — working towards a more aromatic, more flavourful, and more enjoyable bud for our customers. Still, however, grown just the way I like it.

Meet Dosecann

DOSECANN IS A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDARY of the Auxly Cannabis Group and is a holder of a Processing Licence and Analytical Testing Licence pursuant to the Cannabis Act. Dosecann hosts 42,000 square feet of space dedicated to extraction, quality testing, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing. The facility will serve as the hub for Auxly and its partners to develop and manufacture higher margin, value-added cannabis products for the medical and adult-use markets.

In conversation with Tina Woollard, Chief Scientific Officer

Q:What does Dosecann do? What is the vision driving your work?

A:Our state of the art facilities comprise extraction, manufacturing and research. We’re focused on developing innovative products not only in the medical space, but for recreational use as well. With a strong background in pharmaceuticals, safety and quality drives all of our decisions. Instead of struggling to meet the bar of certain regulatory requirements, we’re already there. We’re setting the industry standard for safe, high quality products.

Meet Kolab Project

KOLAB PROJECT IS A COMPANY with a license to grow and sell medical cannabis. Its pharmaceutical-grade facility is located in Carleton Place, Ontario, and will total 20,000 square feet. Custom-designed and purpose-built specifically to cultivate cannabis for medical use, it has the room to grow as both a laboratory and a hub of innovation. Kolab Project is Canada’s 55th company to receive a license to grow and sell cannabis from the Cannabis Act.

In conversation with Robert Maxwell

Q:What does Kolab Project do?

A:Kolab Project isn’t really a project as much as it is a concept. It’s quite visionary on First Capital Global’s part, actually, reimagining the idea of wellness and what it means as a brand. As a result, we have created the anti-brand: using regulation as design, and by extension, a platform to share thought-provoking ideas and innovative products. Our team works alongside health care practitioners, physicians and their patients to provide the best cannabis and experience possible. It’s not about us—it’s about them. At the end of the day, your business is only as happy and healthy as your customers and patients.

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