We're committed to leading the way forward. Here's our strategy.


Vertically Integrated

We'll pursue vertically integrated business models in tightly-regulated markets.


Captive Distribution

We’ll leverage our holdings to build enduring brands and intellectual property and expand distribution.


Out of the Shadows

We’ve emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing, premium plant driven-lifestyle company by effectively deploying capital to build a diversified portfolio of successful cannabis brands.


We see the dream

We deeply believe in the transformational power that cannabis has to heal and change the world.


Portfolio Management

We have the most diverse holdings of any company in the cannabis industry, with operations that include a mix of cultivation and production facilities, dispensaries, and vertically integrated cannabis companies across the country.


Drive Expansion

We’ll use our institutional operational knowledge to drive efficiencies and create differentiated brands for national and international expansion.

Company Overview

First Capital Global is a private investment fund that was created to invest in the cannabis industry through public and private companies, allowing investors to capitalize on the growth of a global industry. It is managed by First Capital Global, which was founded in 2014 and currently has over $550M under management. FCG voted #1 Independent Investment Management Firm in Canada by Acquisition International Magazine 2016.

The Investment Opportunity

The current size of the Canadian cannabis sector is estimated to be worth $400 million, but a recent Deloitte study has estimated that cannabis production and related industries has potential to grow to be worth over $22.5 billion. Despite its emergence as a high growth sector with global expansion potential, the majority of Canadian investors do not have exposure to the Canadian cannabis sector. Many of the large Canadian banks and investment firms have policies that do not allow active involvement with cannabis issuers due to the banks' internal compliance issues. The First Capital Global is fully regulated and professionally managed by experienced investment managers, and is intended to give investors a diversified exposure to businesses staking new ground in an industry expected to grow to a market size equal to the wine consumption market in Canada.

Target Investor

The minimum investment is $10,000 and is available to Investors all over the world. It provides an opportunity to get exposure to earlier stage private companies that have innovative technologies and product focus. Portfolio risk is balanced through positions in the leading Canadian public cannabis companies.

Portfolio Strategy

First Capital Global provides a strategic, diversified investment portfolio in the Canadian cannabis sector. In addition to publicly traded cannabis companies, the fund also intends to invest in private companies to take advantage of lower valuations and high growth potential. The portfolio will also be diversified across the industry spectrum and will include licensed producers, distribution/retail, research and software/solutions.

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WHY CANNABIS: The Medical Marijuana Market


Cannabinoid Treatment

Research has shown that cannabis or cannabinoids are effective for treatment of various medical conditions, including chronic pain. As a result, cannabis was legalized for medical use in Canada in 2001.


Increase In Growth

The number of medical marijuana patients in Canada is growing at a compound monthly rate of over 9% per month. This is notwithstanding that many medical doctors are more likely to prescribe highly addictive opioids (morphine, fentanyl, oxycontin) rather than marijuana. Using US data as a proxy, it is estimated that the Canadian medical marijuana market could be worth over $3 billion.


Recreational Market

Canaccord Genuity has estimated that there are 3.8M potential recreational marijuana users in Canada. Extrapolating US consumer usage shows the Canadian recreational market could be worth $5B - $8B per year, which approximates the size of the spirits market ($5B) and wine market ($7B) in Canada.


WHY CANNABIS: The Ancillary Market